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Welcome to my platform, where innovative ideas transform into successful startups, and holistic wellness practices enrich lives. With over 35 years of experience across diverse domains - with more than two decades in leadership roles, I bring a wealth of knowledge to guide you on your journey.

My journey so far...

Starting in the tech space in 1987, I have navigated through sales, IT training, and building healthcare software with organisations like Maegabyte, Crompton Greaves, Crescent Software, eventually moving to a leading SIM card and Smart card startup Smart Chip Ltd.

My entrepreneurial venture, CREX Media and Events Pvt Ltd, was started as a platform to promote rural art and today works on People centric initiatives.

After roles at Microsoft and the World Bank, I have made a significant shift towards holistic well-being for individuals and organisations.

I also advise and mentor entrepreneurs and startups.

Three Decades of Diverse Experience

With over 35 years in the technology, startup, and corporate sectors, my journey has been marked by significant contributions across various industries, including ID, Health, Banking, Microfinance, Retail, Transport, Defense, Social Sector, etc.

Startup Mentor and Consultant

Leveraging my extensive background, I specialize in mentoring individuals and entrepreneurs, guiding them from idea validation to successful startup launch. My strategic insights have helped numerous startups navigate their growth journey.

Pioneer in Holistic Wellness

As the founder of The Wellness Initiative and the Wellness Seekers Academy, I have developed comprehensive wellness programs that go beyond traditional approaches. My expertise spans the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling life for individuals and employees.

Innovative Tools & Solutions

I have created cutting-edge tools for idea validation and holistic wellness assessment. My services, including the State of Wellness Dashboard, provide valuable insights for both individuals and organizations to enhance their well-being and operational efficiency.

eGovernance Projects across diverse sectors

Different State where large programs are implemented

Wellness Assessments completed

Startup Ideas Validated


My professional journey over the past three decades has spanned a diverse array of sectors, each offering unique challenges and opportunities. From my early days in the technology and IT space, where I honed my skills in sales, IT training, and software development, to my significant contributions in the smart card industry, I have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation.

My experience extends to various high-impact domains, including defense, social sector projects, and rural art promotion. Each sector has enriched my understanding and expertise, allowing me to offer a well-rounded perspective and deep insights into industry-specific challenges and solutions.

Whether it's working with startups, multinational corporations, or government projects, my versatile background equips me to tackle diverse business landscapes with confidence and proficiency.

  • Driving Licence Automation - Gujarat, Goa, etc.
  • Transport Department Automation - Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, Jharkhand, etc.
  • Excess Fare Train Ticketing - Mumbai

  • Defence Canteens Automation Project (4000+ outlets) - All India
  • Dockyard Security, Time Management Automation - Vizag
  • Defence Clubs Automation - Various

  • The Wellness Blueprint - Corporate Wellness
  • Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre - MP
  • RSBY (Hospital Transaction Management) - All India
  • (Medic) Multi Discipline Healthcare System for Doctors
  • E C H S - Design

  • Microfinance Platform - Private Bank
  • Electonic Purse Solution - Private Deployments
  • BankworkS for Banking Workshops - Private Portal

  • Social Safety Net - Delhi
  • PDS (Smart Card based Ration Cards) - Kerala
  • Social Security Disbursement - Goa
  • Women's Dairy Cooperative Management - Rajasthan

  • Opium Farmers Crop management - Rajasthan, MP, & UP
  • Fishermen's ID - Gujarat
  • Borewell Sanitation - AP
  • Artizensworld - Rural Art Promotion


  • Successfully architected and deployed 40+ State/Nationwide projects across multiple domains.
  • Conceptualised, Designed, Built and Implemented the World's Largest Retail Store Automation Project using Smart Cards covering 4000+ locations for serving and retired Indian Defense Services personnel and their families.
  • Led many other major Smart Card projects such as the Gujarat Driving License (Worlds first Biometric enabled Smart card based DL), Madhya Pradesh Transport System, Goa Social Security Card, Sikkim transport, Gujarat Fishermen ID, Opium Cultivators project, etc which were pioneering projects of their kinds and were the first to use Biometrics for ID of the common man.
  • As the Technology Consultant for the Delhi Government from World Bank; I have architected a convergence framework that streamlines the delivery of State Welfare benefits to the underprivileged.
  • Part of the core technology team constituted by the Registrar General of India (RGI) for defining the smart card technology solutions for the MNIC National ID card.
  • Part of the core technology team constituted by NIC for defining the SCOSTA OS specifications.
  • Member of the International Jury for the Sesame Awards - CARTES Paris - the most prestigious Smart Card show worldwide.
  • Have been instrumental in setting up a country-wide network of alliances and project operations offices for these projects.
  • Developed arguably the worlds first Holistic Wellness Measurement Tools and Dashboards -


I am dedicated to empowering individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, and organizations through a comprehensive suite of services designed to foster growth and well-being.

My consulting services encompass every stage of the entrepreneurial journey, from idea validation to business development and strategic planning. I provide personalized mentoring sessions to help aspiring entrepreneurs transform their ideas into successful startups.

For organizations, my focus on holistic employee wellness addresses the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, ensuring a balanced and productive workforce. Additionally, I offer innovative tools for idea validation and wellness assessment, including basic and advanced versions tailored to specific needs.

My holistic approach integrates technology, management consulting, and wellness strategies to drive sustainable success and overall well-being for my clients.


Unlock your potential with our range of free and premium tools designed to support your entrepreneurial and wellness journeys. From idea validation and startup launch guides to holistic wellness assessments, these resources provide invaluable insights and practical strategies.

Whether you're an individual, entrepreneur, or organization, our tools are tailored to help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. Explore our offerings and take the first step towards success today.






PREMIUM TOOLS (For Organisations)




Wellness Courses

Welcome to the Online Courses section, your gateway to comprehensive learning and personal growth. Our courses are meticulously designed to cater to a diverse range of needs, focusing on the holistic development of individuals. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking strategic insights or someone dedicated to enhancing personal wellness, our offerings have something valuable for you.

Specializing in the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, our courses provide in-depth knowledge and practical tools to improve your overall well-being. These dimensions encompass physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational, and financial wellness. By addressing each of these areas, our courses aim to help you achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

Hosted on Udemy, a leading global platform for online learning, our courses are easily accessible and designed to fit into your busy schedule. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier, and more productive life.


Understand the basics of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.


Advanced Courses on each of the 8 Dimensions.


Master all the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

Other Initiatives

I am proud to be involved in several impactful initiatives that aim to create positive change across various sectors.

These include CREX Media & Events, which fosters people engagement; Wellness Seekers Academy, focusing on holistic wellness research & development; Impactnow, dedicated to social innovation; Munjai Wellness, promoting mental health; and Youth Wellness Connect, empowering young individuals with wellness resources, amongst others.

Each initiative reflects my commitment to improving lives and fostering community well-being.

Established in 2006, CREX stands as a beacon of innovation and empowerment in the realm of human-centric solutions. With a rich history spanning over a decade, we have evolved into a dynamic force, committed to celebrating the human spirit and fostering positive change.

Founded in 2017, Wellness Seekers Academy is dedicated to promoting holistic wellness through education and empowerment. Our academy offers comprehensive courses and workshops designed to enhance physical, emotional, and mental well-being, supporting individuals on their journey to a balanced and healthy life.

Startup Serenity is your trusted partner in turning innovative ideas into successful startups. With a focus on validating business concepts and providing strategic guidance, we help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of launching and growing their ventures, ensuring they achieve sustainable success.

POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) is committed to creating safe and respectful workplaces. We offer comprehensive services including policy formulation, workshops, Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) setup, and investigations, ensuring organizations comply with legal requirements and foster a positive work environment.

Munnjay Wellness is dedicated to enhancing employee well-being through customized wellness programs. Our holistic approach addresses physical, mental, and emotional health, creating a supportive and healthy workplace culture that boosts productivity and employee satisfaction.

Youth Wellness Connect is a vibrant platform aimed at promoting wellness among young individuals. Through interactive sessions, resources, and community engagement, we empower the youth to adopt healthy lifestyles and build resilience, ensuring they thrive in all aspects of life.

Wellness Mentoring offers personalized mentoring and coaching services focused on holistic wellness. We guide individuals through their wellness journeys, providing expert advice and support to help them achieve their health and well-being goals, and lead fulfilling lives.

Impactnow is at the forefront of social innovation, driving change through creative and impactful solutions. We work on projects that address pressing social issues, collaborating with communities and stakeholders to create sustainable and positive transformations.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) services encompass consulting, operations, and impact assessments. We assist organizations in designing and implementing effective CSR strategies that align with their values and goals, ensuring meaningful contributions to society and measurable outcomes.

If you would like to know more about any of these initiatives, do leave your details using the form below and I shall respond within 24 hours.


Discover what my clients and associates have to say about their experiences. Read firsthand accounts of how associating with me has made a significant impact. These testimonials highlight the journey, transformation, and successes achieved through our collaboration.

Sandeep Sudarshan

CTO - Telecom, Capgemini UK

Ajay is a charismatic leader and excellent team player. He has a great understanding of business when I worked with him in smart chip . He drove many large transformational projects with clients. A polite person and always a pleasure to work with him.

Neel P Chhetri

Social Entrepreneur and An Educationist

Ajay is a technocrat with a heart of gold. I admire his ability to make business a friendly venture. It was pleasure knowing & working with him. I wish him success in his new ventures.

Holger Roessner

CEO at AdvanIDe Holdings Pte Ltd

I have worked with Ajay on various smart card related projects in India and beyond. Ajay has been a competent business partner and it has been a pleasure to work with and learn from him.

Gopal Mishra

IT Service Owner - Cummins India

I started my professional career under the able guidance of Ajay Sir and he was one of the most wonderful, intellectual and caring person I have met in my professional journey. He is a thorough professional with a profound domain knowledge blended with some great people management skills.

Sandeep Thakur

Sr. EMV Consultant at IRIS Corporation Berhad

Ajay - is the person who gives inpiration to others, I have near about 7 years association and i found him with full of energy, always target oriented and got a chance to learn so many things which are helping me in my future.

Sunil Srivastava

Chief Business Officer - Visit

Ajay is an absolute hands on professional and hence is one of the main reasons for his success on any project driven through execution excellence. He carries a multi dimensional exposure to operations / sales etc. I have always admired his relationship building & networking skills.

Manpreet Singh Kahlon

Leading End to End Project Management Team - IDEMIA

Ajay believes in empowering other for there core area. Fantastic Leader, always leads by example. Would pass on all the appreciation to team and would take all the problems on himself. Great motivator and achiever.

Sushant Jain

Manager IT (GIS) - ONEOK

Ajay Mahajan is one of the best professionals in this field that I have worked with. He is very innovative, hard working and an excellent Team player with great Management skills. He is a definite asset for any team or company he works for.

Madhavan Narayanan

Senior Editor, Writer, Mentor, Consultant, Commentator

I have known Ajay in precisely the way he used to describe himself once:"The Creative Technologist." With a capacity to cheerfully juggle changes in both professional and personal spheres and a capacity to organise things in an unruffled manner.

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